WATCH: Avoid the Meat Shortage with This One Simple Trick

(Infowars) US Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) joined the Ron Paul Liberty Report podcast to discuss the PRIME Act and how it could help America avoid meat shortages caused by coronavirus lockdowns.

As a rancher, Massie is familiar with the meat shortages America is experiencing, saying, “There are shortages now, in supermarkets, of food. And restaurants, the few that are open and serving takeout, are having a hard time getting certain kinds of meat.”

Referring to the federal government’s attempts to help farmers and ranchers during the coronavirus pandemic by handing them fat checks, Massie said, “You can send all the bailout money you want to people, you can send all the bailouts you want to farmers, but it doesn’t cause the crops to be harvested or the animals to be processed.”

The congressman also suggested that when customers go to eat at restaurants and find out their meat selection is limited, perhaps then they will begin to wake up.

Massie continued to explain how closed food processing plants have created a surplus of animals, but instead of working to get the animals processed for consumers to eat, the Department of Agriculture is helping farmers destroy their animals.

“That’s not putting food on the plates,” he said. “And I’m hoping that will snap people to reality and I’m also hoping it will snap some of my colleagues into supporting a bill that I introduced five years ago called the PRIME Act that deregulates the small processors.”

The PRIME Act allows farmers to sell beef to consumers in a grocery store using a local processor.

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