Trump Donates $100K Paycheck to Coronavirus Fight

(New York Post) President Trump has donated his quarterly paycheck to efforts to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Tuesday that Trump sent his $100,000 in pay to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Trump “is donating his 2019 Q4 salary to @HHSGov to support the efforts being undertaken to confront, contain, and combat #Coronavirus,” Grisham tweeted.

Trump is the third president to refuse a salary, following Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy. His quarterly gifts to the Treasury Department double as a messaging opportunity to highlight his initiatives.

The coronavirus gift won’t go far, however. Trump requested $2.5 billion for US efforts, but has publicly agreed to accept $8.5 billion offered by Democrats. White House budget officials say they believe the larger figure is intended to span multiple years.

Trump, projecting confidence that the crisis is under control as stocks plunge

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