Trump Directs Treasury Secretary to Ready $3,400 Stimulus Checks for Families

(Daily Mail) President Donald Trump said on Friday that he is readying $3,400 checks to go out to American families, but blamed Democrats for holding up a deal in talks that broke down a week ago.  

‘I’ve directed the secretary of the Treasury to get ready and send direct payments, $3,400 for a family of four to all Americans – Democrats are holding this up,’ Trump said, echoing an earlier tweet. 

He said he wouldn’t ‘sit down with the Democrats personally’ because they continued to want federal dollars to go to state and city budgets that have been cash-strapped due to the pandemic. 

‘You know, most of our country is running very well,’ the president continued. 

‘But when you look at Chicago, when you look at what’s going on in Illinois and New York and other places both economically and in other ways it’s horrible – you look at Oregon,’ he added.    

Earlier in his remarks, Trump said he would send money to state and local governments to ‘save jobs of our great police, our fightfighters, our first responders, our teachers.’ 

‘It’s all ready to go, Democrats are holding it up,’ Trump said again.  

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