Titleist Bans ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Customized Golf Balls

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Titleist, one of America’s largest golf supply companies, has banned customers from personalizing golf balls with the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan on them, the Blaze reported.

According to company personnel, it would be too mean to allow such language to be associated with its prestigious brand name. The corporate representative said that the wording is “inconsistent” with Titleist’s “values” and “brand identity,” which seem to be tied to the Democratic party.

When someone tried to order golf balls with the message, he received an email suggesting that the company was unable to process the request, but no reasoning was provided.

“Thank you for your recent My Titleist golf ball order,” the email reads. “Unfortunately, we cannot process your custom order in its current form and, as such, we have held it in our system. Should you like to provide a different customization, please let us know so we may update your order and release it for processing.”

Now, if attempted, the Titleist website states that “one or more of the words you have chosen cannot be used. Please see our Terms and Conditions to learn more about what we will imprint.”

Nonetheless, it is unclear what provision in the rules the customization actually violates.

Though it seems that Titleist’s policy is not so much to prevent vulgar messaging as to promote a specific political agenda.

The seemingly-woke corporation will, however, make golf balls reading “kill Trump,” “F Donald Trump,” “Impeach Trump,” or “antifa,” suggesting that they are not offended by simply vulgar language.