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Silver Surges as Investor Rebellion Grows

(Money Metals Exchange) Well, it’s been an extraordinary week in financial markets – and perhaps a pivotal one...

What the Great Global Money Pump of 2020 Looked Like

(Economic Policy Journal) At Bloomberg, Robert Burgess explains what drove the stock market and general asset price spike of 2020: $14 trillion. 

Fed Recommits to Misleading the Public About Inflation

(Stefan Gleason, Money Metals News Service) Did the Federal Reserve just usher in the next phase of the U.S. dollar’s decline?

No Wonder the Super-Rich Love Inflation

(Oftwominds) Asset inflation benefits the super-rich more than anyone else because they own the vast majority of these assets.

Three Unstoppable Forces Set to Drive Silver Prices

(Stefan Gleason, Money Metals News Service) The threat of economically crippling lockdowns, the promise of unending monetary stimulus, and the uncertainty of game-changing...

Trump Now Wants More Than $1.8 Trillion in Stimulus, Direct Payments

(Money Metals Exchange) Gold and silver markets slumped this week as stimulus talks faltered again in Washington.

Wholesale Prices Up 0.4% in September as Food Costs Surge

(Associated Press) U.S. wholesale prices jumped 0.4% in September as food costs rose by the largest amount since May.

Beware of These Faulty “Inflation Protected” Investments

(Stefan Gleason, Money Metals News Service) The Federal Reserve last week reiterated its commitment to an unprecedented inflation-raising campaign.

Used Car Prices Surge as Fed Vows Higher Inflation

(Associated Press) U.S. consumer prices rose 0.4% in August as used car prices surged by the largest amount in 51 years, the...

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Warns of 10% Inflation

(Money Metals Exchange) Billionaire hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller is worried that the U.S. dollar will lose purchasing...