Store Owner Who Reported Hunter Biden’s Laptop Reveals FBI Misconduct, Threats

(Headline USA) John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer-store owner who first discovered Hunter Biden‘s abandoned laptop, denounced the FBI in a new video, saying its agents had mishandled the Biden investigation after forcing him to relinquish the damning evidence.

“I started to reflect on my interactions, and I was getting the feeling that the FBI’s agenda no longer included my safety,” Mac Isaac said in the video, as reported by Big League Politics.

“Why was this laptop not in a lab being professionally inspected? Why was it not admitted as evidence during admitted?” he continued. “I was getting the feeling that the FBI was holding onto it until the [former] owner returned for it, and that they cared more about protecting it than they were in protecting me.”

He also said that the FBI attempted to threaten him into staying silent by telling him, “nothing ever happens to those that don’t talk.”

After the story broke in October, Mac Isaac was vilified by the leftist press and forced to close his store.

The FBI and Justice Department have been widely criticized for refusing to disclose the evidence, which it already had in its possession during President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings last year.

The hard proof of the Biden family’s corruption in Ukraine and other foreign nations likely would have proven exculpatory against the allegations that Trump abused his power by calling on the country to reopen a corruption investigation into the Burisma energy company that would have implicated members of the Biden family.

It is unclear whether Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, or other House Democrats including Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Eric Swalwell, both also of California, had any advance knowledge of the laptop or the investigation into Biden.

Nonetheless, it does seem clear that they were aware of some degree of Biden’s direct involvement in his son’s suspicious business affairs, further evidence of which has since come to light.

Schiff, in fact, likely abused his office by colluding with deep-state insider Eric Ciaramella, the presumed whistleblower, to orchestrate the complaint that helped him, under the thinnest of pretenses, to launch the proceedings in the immediate aftermath of the Mueller report.

Many Democrats campaigned in 2018 on the promise of impeaching Trump despite the failure to furnish evidence of any crimes in either the Russia or Ukraine smears.

After the FBI confiscated the hard drive that Mac Isaac had reported to them, he was able to provide a copy to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who helped tip off the New York Post in the leadup to the November election.

Nonetheless, may in the leftist, China-friendly mainstream media refused to even acknowledge the laptop, first insisting it was fake and later claiming it had been illicitly obtained.

The blackout—including a massive gaslighting effort on social-media publishers Twitter and Facebook—was one of several instances in which Democrat allies used disinformation and unconstitutional censorship to help Biden secure an alleged victory.

Ironically, some in the media have since accused Mac Isaac of helping spread Russian disinformation, even though Hunter Biden has now acknowledged the two-year FBI probe, which he claims he was only recently made aware of.

The FBI has not said if Joe Biden has been implicated in the investigation involving allegations of tax fraud and money laundering. However, the laptop itself presented considerable proof of the “big guy” being directly involved in Hunter’s affairs.

Burisma was able to bribe one of Ukraine’s prosecutor-generals into dropping its corruption probe and attempted to coerce another by promising high-level access to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016.

However, when it was unable to sway top prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who filled the role from 2015 to early 2016, the company used Hunter and other American resources to lobby the US State Department.

During a December 2015 visit, Joe Biden pressured the Ukrainian administration to fire Shokin by threatening to withhold a billion-dollar loan.