Soros-Linked Group Scores $41M from Biden Regime

(Joshua PaladinoHeadline USA) The Acacia Center for Justice, a Soros-backed group supporting open borders, received $41.3 million in government contracts from the Biden administration.

The federal government’s grants will support Acacia’s mission to represent illegal aliens, help them file for asylum and shield them from deportation, WND reported.

Two non-profits, the Vera Institute of Justice and Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights, joined together to create ACJ, according to its website.

Billionaire George Soros, who seeks to destroy culturally unique nation-states and create a uniform world-state, has given millions to Vera through his Open Society Foundation to support its open-borders mission. Vera sees deportation as a “threat” to civil rights.

The Biden administration’s Justice Department awarded the “legal services” grants to Acacia so that it could “expand on Vera’s work over the past twenty years in providing legal support and representation to immigrants facing deportation.”

These state-sponsored non-profit groups will ensure that there are no deterrents to prospective illegal migrants. With these programs in place, the Biden administration has attracted more than 2 million illegal aliens this year.

Acacia promises that it “will focus the collective power of both Vera and CAIR on delivering accountable, independent, zealous and person-centered legal services and representation to protect the rights of all immigrants at risk of deportation.”

Biden’s DOJ gave Vera $171 million in March to help the group protect unaccompanied minors from being deported. The contract could extend until March 2027, giving the Soros-backed Vera Institute $983 million in taxpayer funds.

Not only does Vera want to let illegal aliens in the country, but it wants to ensure, through its mission to end policing and so-called “mass incarceration,” that dangerous criminals do not remain in prison.