Searches for ‘Liquor Stores Near Me’ Spike as Election Results Come In

(Mediaite) 2020 has been a stressful year (Are the murder hornets still coming to kill us?) and this nail-biter of an election is no exception.

So it’s no surprise that Election Night is stressing Americans out — and many of them are looking for a drink to take the edge off, with various Google searches for liquor stores spiking.

Searches for “liquor store near me” and “liquor store open near me right now” both have risen to their highest levels in the past five years, with a noticeable spike in the last 24 hours.

Google directly commented on the trend, noting that many Americans had both comfort food and booze on their minds.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace may have predicted this trend, commenting as her network was covering the Florida results coming in.

With the numbers looking more and more like an uphill battle for Joe Biden to overtake President Donald Trump’s lead in the Panhandle, Wallace quipped that they could “hear liquor cabinets opening all across this great land.”

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