Roger Stone: Bill Gates, Microsoft Designed Dominion’s Election Fraud Software

(National File) Roger Stone, the longtime political veteran who has been identified as one of the progenitors of the Stop the Steal movement for election integrity in the United States, released a video explaining that he has evidence Microsoft, at the direction of Bill Gates, designed the vote counting software used to commit election fraud by Dominion Voting Systems and competing companies.

Stone explained that Microsoft, at Gates’ instruction, “designed a software called Election Guard” that has “been used by Dominion, as well as Election Services, Hurt Intercivic, Clean Ballot, Election Systems and Hardware, BPro, and SmartMatic.”

“In other words, 100% of the voting machines and voting systems in this country are using the same software that Dominion has been using to switch votes,” said Stone.

Dominion Voting Systems has been repeatedly accused of using vote counting software that can switch votes if an administrator desires. Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell made these claims publicly last Thursday.

Since Powell charged Dominion with supplanting the will of the American people and stealing the election, over 100 Dominion Voting Systems employees have purged their LinkedIn accounts, and the company reneged on its promise to meet with Pennsylvania lawmakers on Friday…

Bill Gates has remained at the center of several COVID-19 scandals, as the billionaire likely stands to profit from the mass vaccination campaign soon to be underway in much of the civilized world.

Gates was also recently tied to the infamous “Antifa U-Haul” that was seen delivering shields and other supplies to rioters in Louisville, Kentucky.

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