Portland Rioters Protested Thanksgiving by Causing Thousands of Dollars in Damage

(The Epoch Times) Rioters in Oregon’s largest city on Thanksgiving caused thousands of dollars in damage, authorities said.

A group of people dressed in black clothing were witnessed smashing windows along Hawthorne Street in the early hours of Nov. 26, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

Officers canvassed the area and found that damage had been inflicted upon at least 10 businesses in the area.

“Some of the damage was sufficient to provide access to the interior of retail stores so officers contacted responsible parties and stood by while contractors or employees boarded up windows. Grocery stores, banks, an auto service center, a package distribution and mailing center, and local business storefronts were damaged,” the bureau said in an incident summary.

A New Seasons Market, a Chase Bank, and Portland Cider House were among the businesses that were damaged, photographs and video footage showed. Multiple Antifa logos were sprayed with paint onto the buildings.

Three people were arrested: Chester Hester, 24; Nicole Noriega, 38; and Bailey Willack, 23. They were each charged with 10 counts of first-degree criminal mischief…

The vandalism came after the PNW Youth Liberation Front, a group linked to Antifa, called for “direct action” in Twitter posts that said, “[Expletive] Thanksgiving.”

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