Owner of ‘Burglary Prevention’ Business Arrested for Burglary

(Law Enforcement Today) A ‘reformed’ criminal decided to make an honest living by offering his services to help residents protect their homes from people in his former lifestyle.

Instead of keeping on the safe and narrow, he instead was recently sentenced to over three years in prison for multiple burglaries.

In Thames Valley, Sam Edwards, 28 years old, began a business in 2019 offering his former services as a burglar to help residents in the area safeguard their homes from people like he…used to be.

When he ran his business, he advertised that he had eleven years of experience in breaking into homes and boasted of stealing the equivalent of $20 million worth of merchandise.

Instead of helping to keep homes safe, Edwards instead kept on his criminal ways and was recently arrested and then convicted of eleven different burglaries and one attempt.

The string of crimes was brought to light when police from Surrey and Thames Valley were able to identify Edwards as the culprit.

Both police departments found that Edwards had stolen high-value jewelry from different residences in the Berkshire areas during a crime spree that ran for eleven months, starting in September of 2021 and ending in March 2022.