Over $20K Raised for Officer Beaten Unconscious by Florida Teen

(Law Enforcement Today) A GoFundMe fundraiser aimed at simply trying to show support to an officer that was brutally beaten in Florida was asking for $1,000 in an effort to showcase that the community appreciated the officer that was beaten unconscious.

Well, that fundraiser certainly met that goal – and then some – when by the time the organizer deactivated the fundraiser, they’d amassed $21,733 for the injured officer.

The fundraiser that was established on July 16th managed to really pick up steam a day later, which led to a local news outlet showcasing the story behind the fundraiser.

An unnamed police officer from the Atlantic Beach Police responded to a call about a suspicious individual outside of a Panera Bread restaurant on July 16th, when things suddenly turned bad fast.

The suspect, 19-year-old Jaden Perkins, had allegedly initiated some sort of physical altercation with the responding officer, and reportedly knocked the officer unconscious and started stomping on his head. That’s when a second officer arrived on the scene and witnessed the suspect attacking the downed officer.

The responding officer issued a series of verbal commands to the suspect, in which Perkins initially complied and got down on the ground. However, when the officer was waiting for additional units to enacted the arrest, Perkins rose to his feet and said:

“You’re going to have to kill me.”

Atlantic Beach Police Chief Victor Gualillo stated that was when the suspect started moving toward the officer who responded to the officer down. Thereafter, Perkins allegedly tried to retrieve the weapon from the unconscious officer, in which the second officer fired a single shot which non-fatally struck Perkins…

Sources say that the officer is currently recovering, but is slated for facial reconstructive surgery in the coming week. As for Perkins, he was charged with second-degree attempted murder and is currently in the hospital recovering from the sustained gunshot wound.

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