NYPD Stats Show Steep Crime Spike Across Upscale Neighborhoods

(Molly BrunsHeadline USA) A recently released report from the New York Police Department showed a steep increase in crime for the city’s upscale neighborhoods, such as West Village and Greenwich Village.

Compared to crime statistics from this time last year, Manhattan’s 6th Precinct saw an 80% increase overall in significant crimes, the Daily Wire reported.

Burglaries in the area are up 119% and grand larcenies up more than 100%. Thefts are up 39%, robberies up by 45% and rapes are up nearly 43%

Media outlets have interviewed business owners and residents concerning the matter, discussing the lack of law and order in neighborhoods that are well known for their upscale stylings and celebrity sightings.

Owner of Village Revival Records in Greenwich Village, Jama Alnasr, told CBS 2 that he does not bother to call the police anymore because “anything seems to go these days.”

“There are some real criminals in the streets. Let’s face the facts, alright?” business owner Jamal Alnasr said. “We need to enforce some laws a little tougher, I guess.”

Muhammad Akma, owner of New University Pen & Stationary told CBS 2 that he was accustomed to shoplifters coming into the store.

“Sometimes they come two, three times a day. Sometimes they don’t show up like two, three days, at least once a week, always something happens,” Akmal said.

Anisha Ghale, who works at Karma Nepal Crafts, said the establishment has started using double-sided tape in an effort to slow down thieves while committing the crime.

“Crime is increasing day-by-day right now, and they’re becoming really fearless,” she said.

“Like even if we say ‘I’ll call 911’ they don’t care about it,” she said. “They say ‘yeah you can do whatever you want — I don’t care.’ Even if the police come, they take them away, they come after 2 to 3 weeks and do the same thing again,” Ghale said.

Local government officials have yet to make a statement on the crime statistics.