NYC Theater Charges Higher Ticket Prices for Whites

(PJ Media) In a blatant act of woke discrimination, a New York City theater has launched a “voluntary” ticket pricing model for a new play based loosely on President Thomas Jefferson’s infamous [purported] sexual relationship with his slave, Sally Hemings.

The pricing model seems intended to make a point about historic racial injustice, but it arguably perpetuates racial animosity — and may break the law, as the New York Daily News reported.

JACK, a theater in the Bedford-Stuyvesant district of Brooklyn, introduced the pricing model for its play “TJ Loves Sally 4 Ever.” Tickets are available via “Two-Tiered Pricing (suggested but not required): $22 (General Admission); $15 (Admission for those who identify as People of Color).”

“This unique ticketing model for TJ Loves Sally 4 Ever prioritizes access for People of Color. TJ Loves Sally 4 Ever is a play that centers Black voices, and it is our goal to have as diverse an audience as possible – a true representation of the borough that JACK calls home,” the ticketing page explains. “We encourage our non-PoC friends and allies to pay the standard general admission to participate in this gesture of awareness, as well as contribute to our ongoing effort to offset the cost of subsidized tickets for PoC youth groups and Community Organizations.”

Users can select the number of tickets for “General Admission” or “PoC Access.” A purchaser does not have to prove a racial self-identity to purchase the PoC tickets.

By separating ticket-buyers into the groups “General Admission” and “PoC Access,” JACK is singling out white people. While the term “black” refers to one particular racial group, “Person of Color” refers to a broad swath of disjointed groups — everyone who is not white or descended from Europeans.

The “PoC” formulation is explicitly racist against white people. It singles them out as “the other.”

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