NYC Man Dies After Attempting to Evade Subway Fare by Jumping Turnstile

(New York Post) Horrifying video has emerged of the moment a man fatally snaps his neck while jumping a subway turnstile in Queens.

Christopher De La Cruz, 28, was pronounced dead following the incident at the Forest Hills-71st Avenue train station in Queens at about 6:45 a.m. Sunday, police said.

The sickening surveillance video shows De La Cruz trying to jump over a turnstile after he entered the subway station — but he initially falls and appears to drop his phone.

De La Cruz, who was wearing a backpack, then stumbles back briefly before repeatedly trying to hop over another turnstile.

On the final attempt, De La Cruz can be seen hoisting himself up — but losing his balance and flipping over the barrier.

He came crashing down onto his head and broke his neck, police said.

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