Not OK: NBC Smears Army-Navy Cadets over Hand Gestures

(BizPac Review) For people who whine so incessantly about alleged misinformation/disinformation, the partisan operatives in the demonstrably liberal mainstream media have no qualms about using misinformation, disinformation and outright lies to smear people.

They’ve done it to the Covington High School teens, they’ve done it to former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, they’ve done it to non-establishment journalist Andy Ngo and now some are doing it again to West Point and Naval Academy cadets.

During an Army-Navy football game Saturday, two West Point cadets and one Naval Academy were captured on camera making the “ok” hand gesture.

Despite the “ok” hand gesture being a universally accepted gesture — one most prominently linked to the “circle game,” which was made popular by the teen-oriented TV sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle” years ago — the media pounced.

“Pregame festivities aired by ESPN showed cadets on both sides of the rivalry — two West Point cadets and one Naval Academy midshipman — making gestures,” NBC’s write-up reads.

“At least one of the gestures resembled a white supremacist symbol described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as ‘the thumb and forefinger joined together in a circle, the remaining three fingers splayed out behind.‘”

NBC, which was quick to join the smear bandwagon against the underage Covington teens earlier this year — neglected to mention the “circle game.” Nor did it include any disclaimers about the SPLC, which, far from being an authoritative source, has been shown to be a radically left-wing smear merchant masquerading as a civil-rights organization.

USA TodayHuffPost and The Wall Street Journal also ran reports about the cadets’ alleged white supremacist gesture, though to their credit all three outlets mentioned the “circle game,” and none of them sourced the discredited SPLC.

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