Norwegian Artist Who Excretes Paint from His Butt Makes Craploads of Money Off Taxpayers

(National File) A controversial Norwegian artist known for spray-painting from his butt, peeing on stage, and throwing stools at audiences was recently revealed to receive generous windfalls from public funds.

Vegard Vinge is thought to have received up to $37M NOK or $4M USD over a 12-year period from the Norwegian taxpayer.

Videos of his performances caused outrage on social media.

According to local news source, Nettavisen: “In the video, the artist sprays paint out of the ass, then uses a long paint brush he controls using the anus to spread the paint across the canvas.”

Alongside his co-host, Ida Muller, his eponymous foundation has been awarded the generous payments from Norway’s Cultural Council.

At a lengthy performance held at the Ibsen Theater in Bergen, a member of the audience, who couldn’t stomach the whole performance recalled Vinge, in one scene, crawled across the floor while being whipped.

As he crawled on, another member of the audience said he could clearly see feces flowing out of Vinge’s buttocks.

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