Nearly $800K Raised for Cannon Hinnant’s Funeral Costs

(Breitbart) More than $760,000 has been raised to cover funeral costs for Cannon Hinnant, the five-year-old boy shot to death while riding his bike in Wilson, North Carolina.

“We are asking for your donations to assist with anything that may be needed for expenses related to his services. We offer our sincerest appreciation in this extremely difficult time. #justice for Cannon,” the GoFundMe page read.

[As of Tuesday afternoon, the site had raised $786,545 of its $5,000 goal.]

The organizer, who identified herself as Cannon’s grandmother Gwen Hinnant, also thanked donors in an update. “We have well exceeded our goal,” she wrote.

“I’ve had many requests to leave this up because there are many people still wanting to donate to to Cannons siblings and to ensure that we get justice for Cannon. No matter the cost, no matter how long it takes, we will get justice for him,” Hinnant added.

Twenty-five-year-old suspect Darius Nathaniel Sessoms faces a first-degree murder charge after police alleged he shot and killed Cannon on August 9 at a Wilson mobile home park, according to Breitbart News.

“Family members told police that Cannon was outside on his bike, playing with his sisters, ages 8 and 7, when Sessoms walked up to the boy, pointed a gun at his head and pulled the trigger,” the report said, adding that no motive had been established for the murder.

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