Mostly Peaceful Protester Sold Homemade Dynamite, ‘Terrorized Neighborhoods’

(Oxygen) A Philadelphia man has been arrested for allegedly selling homemade dynamite over social media platforms to suspected rioters.

Talib Crump is accused of manufacturing makeshift dynamite sticks which authorities say may have been used to blow up a number of ATMs in the city earlier this week, Pennsylvania state officials announced Wednesday.

The 26-year-old is suspected of using Instagram to market his homemade explosives to nearly 2,000 followers as ongoing protests simultaneously reverberated through Philadelphia, the Attorney General’s office said in a release.

“Mr. Crump, who bragged on social media that using dynamite was better than bullets for robbing an ATM, offered up explicit instructions on how to best set dynamite up to blow up an ATM,” Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro said

Crump also allegedly boasted he had blown a cash machine to smithereens earlier in the week and made off with $8,500, prosecutors said.

“Sticks for sale,” Crump allegedly declared in an Instagram Story, which appeared to show a bag of dynamite, and wrote, “Who got dynamite ASAP ?? For sale,” in a separate post. 

Crump was arrested by undercover agents with “enough dynamite” to blow up four cash machines, according to authorities…

“[He] sought to take advantage of the civil unrest, to sow chaos and destruction, and in turn, he has terrorized neighborhoods,” Shapiro stated.

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