Mile High Stench: City Demands Business Owner Clean Up Crap Left by Homeless

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Frustrated from the constant build-up of human feces he finds on his property, one Denver resident is fed up with the city’s homeless problem and refuses to clean up the mess.

As a result, the city handed him a citation.

Denver’s homelessness crisis has created massive problems for Jawaid Bazyar, the CEO of Forethought.net, an internet service provider.

Syringes litter the sidewalks outside of his office. Homeless individuals use his property wall as a toilet. His employees have been harassed and assaulted multiple times.

But because the city refuses to do anything about it, Bazyar said he won’t either.

“There have been periods where we literally call 10 times a day,” Bazyar said when asked if he reports these incidents to the police. Unfortunately, law enforcement has yet to act, he said.

The Denver Public Health Department told Bazyar that it is his responsibility to clean up the mess and that the city cannot do anything about it because it is private property. Bazyar, however, said he will not allow his employees to go anywhere near it.

“It’s a bio-hazard. It could be infectious,” Bazyar told KDVR.com. “I didn’t hire these people to clean poop off the ground. I can’t, as an employer, just say, ‘Go and clean up the feces.’”

The city is one of several that has been overwhelmed by the growing epidemic due to left-wing policies that promote, rather than discourage, its transient population.

In May, newly elected Democratic Gov. Jared Polis signed legislation that officially designated it a “sanctuary” state, although Denver had been a de facto sanctuary city for much longer due to its non-enforcement policies.

Meanwhile, Denver’s homeless population has continued to steadily grow, according to the Metro Denver Homeless Initiativeand has even begun to spread into the surrounding suburbs.

Bazyar said it should be those setting the policies who figure out how to deal with their ramifications.

“I’m not the one doing this, and they won’t do anything about the people committing the crimes, but I’m the one who’s easy to find and easy to punish.”

Bazyar said he understand that city officials don’t want to be seen as “anti-homeless or heartless,” but noted that the problem has gotten out of control.

“I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do,” he said. “The government’s primary job is public safety.”