Manhattan Woman Fatally Stabbed by Homeless Career Criminal Free on Bail

(Daily Mail) A 35-year-old Asian advertising creative was knifed to death by a homeless serial criminal who was free on bail – with the victim’s landlord blaming woke NYC DA Alvin Bragg’s soft-on-crime policies for the killing.   

Christina Yuna Lee was named as the victim of the Sunday morning stabbing in Manhattan’s Chinatown. She was a freelance advertising creative from New Jersey who has spearheaded campaigns for brands including Equinox and Google. 

Assamad Nash, 25, was arrested for the Sunday morning murder of Lee. Terrifying footage showed the man police say is him creep into the building behind Lee after she got out of a cab.

She entered the building, but didn’t realize that Nash – who did not appear to know his alleged victim – had sneaked in behind her after watching her exit a taxi, and was following her up six flights of stairs to her home.

Nash, a homeless career criminal, had been out on bail following several outstanding offences, including an assault case in September and criminal mischief arrest in early January. He was due in court on March 3.

According to ABC7, he has been arrested at least seven times since 2015, most recently on January 6, 2022.

According to court records accessed by DailyMail.com, Nash has been arrested four times in the last year alone. His rap sheet included misdemeanor charges of assault, intentional damage to property, harassment, resisting arrest, both attempted and successful escape from police officers and selling a fare card…

‘This all could have been avoided,’ Lee’s landlord, Brian Chin, told reporters Sunday night. ‘This guy should never have been out of the street. And it’s DA Alvin Bragg playing politics with people’s lives…”

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