Mail, Package Delivery Drivers Targeted in Recent Carjackings and Robberies

(WBFF) Baltimore Police say a mailman, a UPS driver and a contractor for Amazon were all targeted by armed criminals in the city.

The first incident happened Monday evening along Mosher Street. According to investigators, a mail carrier was robbed and the suspect then fled in a postal truck.

The truck has since been recovered but the United State Postal Inspection Service is now offering a $50,000 reward for any information on a suspect.

The second incident happened Tuesday evening Mary Avenue in north east Baltimore. Baltimore Police say a UPS driver also had their truck stolen in that case. It’s since been recovered.

Then on Wednesday night investigators say a contractor for Amazon was delivering packages along Highland Avenue when a suspect tried to carjack him. Police say the Amazon contractor was able to pull the suspect out of his car before they drove off and the suspect then ran away.

“There’s been an increase in the number of deliveries of packages, parcels and boxes,” Jeffrey Ian Ross, a criminologist with the University of Baltimore told FOX45 News.

“It’s a cost benefit calculation,” Ross said. “They may find that other avenues of normal criminality are drying up for them so they’re innovating.”

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