Lululemon Employees Fired after Chasing Robbers Out of Store

(Fox Business) Two Lululemon employees in Georgia are speaking out after they say they were fired for calling police on would-be robbers.

Jennifer Ferguson, a former assistant manager at a metro Atlanta area Lululemon store and one of her employees, Rachel Rogers, were fired by the retail chain after shocking video captured the duo yelling at and chasing masked robbers out of their store before calling police, which they claim got them fired, according to a report from the New York Post.

The viral video shows the masked thieves bursting into the store earlier this month and grabbing as many items as possible before being confronted by Ferguson.

“No, no, no, you can march back out,” Ferguson can be heard telling the thieves.

The thieves had reportedly looted the location multiple times in previous months, and at one point in the video seemed to pause and consider the employee’s demand before re-entering the store and grabbing more items.

The employees then record the thieves as they exit the store and enter a waiting car to escape, with Ferguson and Rogers making no effort to physically prevent them from stealing items or leaving the store.

From there, the employees called the Gwinnett Police Department and reported the robbery, which they say is what got them fired from the store. Though Ferguson said the duo were not given “specific reasoning” for their terminations, management cited that the company had a “no-tolerance policy.”