Looter Dies After Trying to Blow Up ATM

And the Darwin Award goes to…

(NBC 10 Philadelphia) A man died while trying to blow up an ATM in North Philadelphia early Tuesday.

The 24-year-old suffered trauma to his upper body after placing explosive in an ATM on the sidewalk outside a sports bar along North 2nd Street near Susquehanna Avenue around 6:15 a.m., Philadelphia police said.

Medics rushed the man to the hospital where he died a couple hours later.

Police found live explosives at the scene and focused their investigation on the blasted ATM, debris on the street and on a vehicle parked nearby.

Neighbors in the area claimed to hear what sounded like explosions overnight. Around Philadelphia other people heard what sounded like blasts as looting in the wake of George Floyd protests continued overnight.

At least 10 machines were vandalized, mainly at neighborhood convenience stores, on sidewalks and gas stations, police said.

The thieves mainly set off explosive devices, blowing up the machines before making off with the cash. In other cases, they would just steal the machines.

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