Jewish Couple Kicked Off Flight for Body Odor Sues American Airlines

(New York Post) A Jewish couple from Michigan is suing American Airlines for discrimination after being booted off a flight last year — claiming the crew raised a stink about their alleged body odor, according to a report.

Yehuda Yosef Adler, Jennie Adler and their 19-month-old daughter were kicked off the Jan. 23, 2019, flight from Miami to Detroit by a gate agent who said he knew Orthodox Jews only bathed once a week, according to the lawsuit, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The lawsuit — filed Tuesday in Texas federal court — cites defamation, emotional distress and discrimination relating to religion.

Adler claims he asked a flight attendant for headphones, saying the cabin crew on the last plane he was on told him he could ask for them, according to the suit.

The pilot, who was nearby, snapped, “I wasn’t on that plane and we don’t offer anything complimentary,” the lawsuit says.

A few minutes later, according to the filing, a gate agent informed the family that there was an emergency and asked them to get off the plane — and they were later told it was due to BO and at the pilot’s orders.

The couple insist they had showered that morning.

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