Jeffrey Epstein’s $577 Million Estate Sued for Damages by Sexual Assault Victim

(New York Daily News) Among the victims of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein was a young Midwestern girl who was lured to his New Mexico mansion and sexually assaulted, according to a new lawsuit against the the filthy-rich pedophile’s estate.

Epstein, who died in August at age 66 from an apparent suicide while locked up in a federal jail in Manhattan, used an agent to orchestrate the girl’s assault, bringing her first to New York for a screening, and then to his New Mexico ranch where she was videotaped and sexually assaulted, the lawsuit alleges.

The girl, who was 15 in 2004 when she met with Epstein, is identified in legal papers only as Jane Doe. Her nightmare began in January of that year, when she went on a trip with her high school drama group to New York City, where her 18-year-old sister was living with a family friend and working as a model.

She said the encounter left her feeling “completely powerless and lost.” She fell into depression and began to hurt herself with alcohol and drugs, the lawsuit says. Another 15 years passed before she disclosed her alleged abuse to a health provider.

Her lawyer, Gloria Allred, said the victim is requesting a trial to determine the amount she is entitled to in damages.

The suit was filed against Epstein’s longtime lawyers, Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, who were named in his will as executors of his estate, valued at more than $577 million.

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