Hunter Biden’s Bizarre Attempt to Reinvent Himself as an Artist

(American Thinker) When you have a lot of money, a checkered history, and no talent, what do you do?

Well, art’s always there. Anyone can do some art and all’s erased.

Which brings us to Hunter Biden, disgraced son of Vice President Biden, whose cocaine habit, penchant for strippers, babydaddy issues, cashiered Naval history, and no-show jobs appearing for him on the heels of daddy’s travels pretty well leave him with nothing else. He’s not going to get hired by anyone, and having damaged himself amazingly well, he’s probably all done with rehab, having done eight stints at that, so art therapy it is for him.

Unlike other artists, though, young Biden is nobody’s idea of a starving artist.

From his $12,000 a month rented house in the Hollywood Hills, across a canyon from real artist David Hockney’s big spread (he’s the swimming pool guy), Hunter’s now seeking to transform himself into the same.

Even less like other artists, Biden has a New York Times reporter writing him a puff piece publicizing his new career…

The critics are mean as sharks, according to trade newspaper ArtNet News:

“Generic Post Zombie Formalism illustration” is how Jerry Saltz, New York magazine critic and author of the forthcoming book How to Be an Artist, characterized Biden’s work in an email to Artnet News.

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