Hunter Biden Used Ties to Gangster Thug Whitey Bulger to Threaten Drug Dealer

(Mark PellinHeadline USA) The crack-addicted, gun-law violating, foreign business scheming Hunter Biden, who allegedly conned his pimper-in-chief father, President Joe Biden, to fork over upwards of $30,000 for Russian prostitutes, is now facing accusations of threatening to unleash associates of notorious gangster Whitey Bulger on a drug dealer over a trade gone sour.

The beef allegedly started when Hunter Biden got stiffed on drugs he had fronted on a buy when he was in rehab, according to texts found on the infamous laptop from hell, reported The Sun.

“Look up and see who I am and then look and see who my friends and associates are,” Biden texted in a tiff when his drugs hadn’t arrived on schedule.

When that didn’t produce a response, Biden ominously texted the contact info for Jim Bulger, Hunter Biden’s former business partner and nephew of South Boston killing-machine mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger. While Jim Bulger has no known criminal links, the threat of invoking the Bulger name was clear.

Hunter Biden reportedly went into a frenzy when the dealer still hadn’t delivered after four hours.

“Hey brother I guess I never really introduced myself to you,” he texted.

“I’m assuming you just f**ked uo (up) and you’re going to make it tight (right) right now.

“I’ll give you ten minutes to reply. Look up and see who I am and then look and see who my friends and associates are. 

“I’ll give you their names and numbers call them and ask about me. You’ll know them I promise.”

Apparently outraged and insulted over being ghosted after the deadline had passed, Biden texted the dealer Jim Bulger’s number.