Hunter Biden Proposed Unionizing Prostitutes, According to Laptop Texts

(Washington Examiner) Hunter Biden came up with a plan to unionize prostitutes for their protection after “telling strippers for 25 years that they should unionize,” according to texts found on his alleged laptop.

Texts from 2018 and 2019 show that he spent thousands of dollars per session with prostitutes in cities around the country. By his own admission, the millionaire businessman had extensive dealings with strippers as well and found them to be intelligent, motivated, and business savvy, a 14-minute tape recording revealed.

However, prostitutes don’t often have the buffer of an establishment protecting them, so they need to do more, Biden theorized in a March 2, 2019, conversation with an employee from Los Angeles’s Chateau Marmont.

“You organize without even organizing in any traditional way,” Biden theorized. “If you want to advertise legally you go through the unions [of which] you’re a member. Your dues are the fees that you pay for advertising. Whomever does this first will be running the largest union in the country.”

The Chateau Marmont employee chimed in during the conversation, saying, “Haha, that’s actually pretty genius.”

The people who need these unions the most are the “typical traditionally uneducated minority,” Biden said.

This new union would require proof that someone isn’t a sex trafficker and that all contacts are consensual. Pimps who join would be rated “like you rate nonprofits,” Biden said.

In various other transactions with pimps and prostitutes, Biden’s alleged texts show a highly organized procedure in which he visits a website, agrees to certain parameters, and pays electronically. 

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