Hunter Biden Agrees to Pay Ex-Stripper Undisclosed Amount in Child Support

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) After enduring a barrage of damaging disclosures in a child-support case brought by former stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts, reluctant father Hunter Biden, son of current presidential candidate Joe Biden, agreed on Monday to pay child support, Fox News reported.

Roberts—known by the stage name “Dallas” to patrons of Washington, DC’s Mpire Club—gave birth in August 2018 and later established Hunter Binden’s paternity through DNA testing, the court determined.

However, Biden, whose corrupt international business dealings are at the center of the ongoing impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, had previously sought to stonewall the Arkansas circuit court—until Judge Holly Meyer last week threatened to hold him in contempt and ordered him to appear before the court.

Although the payments will be retroactively applied, effective as of November 2018, the redacted court order said that there was still insufficient information about Biden’s income to establish a set amount. The information concerning the temporary amount was among the sections of the document that were blacked out..

“If the evidence indicates that the defendant should have paid more in support than the amount set forth in this order, the Court may order that he pay an additional amount after receiving credit for the amount he has paid,” said the document.

“If the evidence indicates that the defendant paid more in support pursuant to this order than he otherwise should have, based off his income, then the court may give him a credit toward any future support,” it said.

Biden faced growing scrutiny for his role as a board member of the Ukrainian Burisma energy company, where his firm, Rosemont Seneca, received monthly payments of more than $87,000 for consulting work over five years. He resigned under pressure in April 2019.

Biden also announced last October that he was resigning his position with a Chinese investment firm, BHR Equity, where he maintained a 20 percent controlling interest and had used his father’s access to Chinese government officials to broker a $1.5 billion business deal.

However, as of December, Chinese records still listed him as a BHR board member.

Despite the presumed loss of income, Biden and his third wife, Melissa Cohen, are presently renting a $3.8 million designer home in Hollywood for $12,000 a month, according to the Washington Examiner.

He was seen earlier in January driving around Los Angeles in a new, white Porsche Panamera, according to the New York Post.

recovering drug addict, Biden was dishonorably discharged from the Navy in 2014 after his cigarettes tested positive for cocaine.

An IRS lien from 2018 indicated that he had $112,805 in unpaid federal taxes from 2015, according to the Daily Caller.


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