Homicides Hit Records Amid ‘Systemic Collapse’ of Big Cities

In Record Year for Indianapolis Murders, Many Are Unsolved

More than 40 people were in the building when Landon Gabe Haggard, 18, was shot and killed in Indianapolis on July 11. Jodie Haggard said police told her they were optimistic about finding the shooter given the number of people at the party.

It has been five months, and no arrests have been made.

“We’ve been told that just no one is talking,” Haggard said. “I don’t know how anybody can witness what they saw and hold it inside.”

Indianapolis has recorded 232 homicides, reports the Indianapolis Star. The city in October surpassed the previous record of 159 homicides set in 2018. 

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City of Memphis Passes 300 Homicides in Record-Breaking Year

The city of Memphis has reached a grim milestone for the first time, surpassing more than 300 homicides this year. Violent crimes have been a problem in Memphis for years, but 2020 has been an especially bad year for violent crimes with a record number of homicides…

WMC Action News 5′s Chris Luther reached out to the office of Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland. A representative responded with a comprehensive plan from the mayor that includes increasing the number of MPD officers, punishing violent criminals, and programs to positively affect the youth.

The plan was originally posted by the Mayor’s Office in September.

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Only One in Five Philadelphia Shootings Prompt Charges

Philadelphia law enforcement is failing to secure justice when people are shot.

As the city’s gun violence surged this year to heights not seen in a generation, the Philadelphia Inquirer analyzed every shooting since 2015, using police data, court records, and interviews with victims, family members, police, prosecutors, and community advocates. The analysis showed the “startling depths of a slow-motion systemic collapse.”

Of the nearly 8,500 shootings in which people were wounded or killed since 2015, just 21 percent led to charges. Fewer than nine percent have reached a conviction.

Though hundreds of incidents are winding their way through the courts, and an untold number remain under investigation, this year’s pace of gun violence means the number of people who shot and got away is much larger than years past and continues to grow.

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