Goya Board Censures CEO Over Support for Trump

(Headline USA) Goya’s board of directors reportedly voted to censure CEO Robert Unanue over his continued support for former President Donald Trump.

Unanue supported Trump’s claims that the 2020 presidential election had been stolen and even appeared on Fox Business on Inauguration Day arguing that President Joe Biden’s win was “unverified.”

He also warned of a coming war given the intense polarization the nation is experiencing.

“I think this is mission accomplished, by the union, the partnership, the conglomerate of social media, big tech, big media and big government for ushering in the dawn of a new world order,” Unanue told Fox Business. “There is a war coming, now that the president is leaving today, they’re still coming after the United States, the working class.”

In response, Goya’s board censured Unanue, which means Unanue will no longer be able to speak to the media without first getting permission from the board, according to the New York Post.

Unanue confirmed that he would no longer publicly speak about politics or religion, but did not mention the board’s decision.

“Independently, I’ve made the decision to lower the temperature and walk away from speaking about politics and religion,” Unanue said. “I realize it’s important because of the diverse views of the company and our market.”

Unanue came under fire in July when he praised Trump’s leadership at a White House event, saying the country was “truly blessed” to have him leading it.

Angry leftists immediately called for a boycott of Goya’s products, and several Democratic Latinos suggested Unanue betrayed his ethnicity.

“It’s shameful and appalling that the president of Goya Foods is praising the most anti-Latino president in the history of our country,” Latino Victory Fund CEO Nathalie Rayes said at the time.

An anonymous source told CNN Business that Goya’s executives have been trying to remove Unanue ever since he came out in support of Trump, but has been unable to do so because of the family dynamics of the company.