Google, PayPal, Visa BLACKLIST Independent Social Media, News Sites

(Reclaim The Net) Free speech software company Gab has announced that it has been blacklisted by Visa for “promoting hate speech.”

“Gab does no such thing,” its CEO Andrew Torba responded. “This is like saying Google ‘promotes hate speech’ because you can search racial slurs on their search engine and get results. Gab is a neutral technology platform. We follow the law, have an excellent relationship with law enforcement, and have a clear set of community guidelines that detail what is allowed on our website and what is not.”

Gab added that it had been abruptly banned by two separate underwriting banks in June without cause for “risk related reasons” and noted that it has been under attack at the payment processing level all month long.

“These banks have no problem processing payments for pornography websites which are loaded with child exploitation, human trafficking, and more,” wrote Torba. “They have no problem processing payments for cannabis, which is still illegal at the federal level. They have no problems processing payments for gambling websites.”

Gab has lost its ability to process credit cards and can now only accept payments via Bitcoin, echeck, and check by mail…

Gab’s announcement follows several other companies and creators having their ability to earn revenue threatened or stripped over the last couple of months.

Last week, popular independent news outlet Zero Hedge was banned from Google’s Ads program over its comments section and earlier this week, the site announced that it had also been banned from PayPal.

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