Goodyear U-Turns on ‘Diversity’ After Trump Urges Boycott of Tire Company

(ZeroHedge) A slide that purports to be from Goodyear’s diversity training has leaked and appears to show that the company considers “Blue Lives Matter,” “All Lives Matter” and “MAGA” attire “unacceptable,” while at the same time encouraging “Black Lives Matter” and “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride (LGBT)” attire. 

The differences are shown under a slide that appears to be outlining a zero tolerance policy. Aptly named, if we say so ourselves. 

As The Gateway Pundit put it, the slide appears to be “zero tolerance” against support for police or conservative values. Which, of course, flies in the face of actually engaging in the values of tolerance and equality. 

The employee who took the photo of the slide claimed that it was “presented at a Topeka plant by an area manager and says it came from their corporate office out of Akron, Ohio,” according to a report from WIBW.

President Trump is furious at Goodyear’s clearly biased “diversity” training and has tweeted a rather angry response:

Well, that didn’t take long. Goodyear has quickly issued a press release backing away from the ‘diversity’ training’s liberal bias.

So, to summarize, Goodyear hired an external firm to do ‘diversity training’ to signal just how virtuous they were and the leftist bias in the ‘diversity’ came back to bite them.

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