GoFundMe Bans 1st Amendment Protests, Yet Allows Bail Funds for Criminals

(Law Enforcement Today) Remember when people tried to run a fundraiser on GoFundMe for Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old accused of murder when engaged in self-defense in Kenosha, Wisconsin last summer? Remember when GoFundMe quashed the page?

One thing about GoFundMe. They are consistently inconsistent.

Last week, Newsmax reported that the platform had banned public fundraisers for people who were trying to raise money for travel to political protests, which occurred after the riot at the Capitol building on January 6.

“Due to the violence, GoFundMe has removed numerous fundraisers intended to raise money for travel expenses,” the company said in a statement, as reported by The Hill. The outlet noted that the website would continue removal of fundraisers related to political events which pose “a risk of violence by attendees.”  

The company continued, “We strongly condemn the violence and attempted insurrection and will continue to remove fundraisers that attempt to spread misinformation about the election, promote conspiracy theories, and contribute to or participate in attacks on U.S. democracy.”

Sounds pretty noble, right?

However, according to an op-ed in the Post Millennial, GoFundMe has a bit of a, shall we say, consistency problem.

A man named Zachary Alexander Karas of San Diego was caught by police in possession of two Molotov cocktails at a protest in La Mesa. A GoFundMe was set up on his behalf, and they not only hosted the fundraiser they also donated $150 themselves.

Last fall, Candace Owens started a GoFundMe for a bar owner in Alabama, which was removed when he had the audacity to refer to George Floyd as a “thug” and called protesters “idiots.”

Other campaigns were held on behalf of Christian bakers and florists who had refused service to same-sex couples, which GoFundMe canceled

They have no problem with holding fundraisers for violent protesters in Portland however, as evidenced by the PDX Protest Bail Fund, which has raised over $1.39 million [read more…]

Portland rioter mugshots.