Gamblers Stake $150M on Election, Bet the Farm on Biden

(Washington Examiner) The world’s gambling community is getting in line behind American polls and betting the farm on Joe Biden to win the presidency.

In European markets alone, over $150 million has been staked, and the bets are going more than 2-to-1 for Biden.

In the latest OddsChecker wrap up of betting sites in Europe, where gambling on American political campaigns is legal, the spread has echoed the most extreme polling in the United States.

Currently, OddsChecker spokesperson Pete Watt told Secrets, the betting predicts that Biden has a 69.25% chance of victory compared to Trump’s 33.33%…

But, in noting that money is still going to Trump, he added, “The gap between Trump and Biden in the betting markets is getting closer in size to the one that has existed in the polls for months, but Biden’s fondness for a gaffe coupled with the learnings of 2016 suggest that to write off the president would be to do so at your peril.”

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