Fox News Turns Off Viewers by Issuing ‘Pride’ Month, DEI Proclamations

(Jacob BrunsHeadline USA) Investigative journalist Matt Walsh on Tuesday disclosed what appeared to be a hidden-away Fox News page expressing the increasingly-woke network’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, along with a recognition of LGBT “Pride” month, the Western Journal reported.

Walsh posted a screenshot of the corporate media company’s latest virtue-signaling disappointment on Twitter:

“FOX News Media celebrates the contributions to America by the LGBTQ+ community,” the company wrote underneath a banner depicting people of various races and creeds.

The link posted by Walsh takes the viewer to Fox’s “LGBTQ+ Pride Month” page, wherein the company has a series of videos listed, each of which tells a story of an LGBT person.

One of the videos even features a young Southern Californian girl who “transitioned” at age 5 by telling her parents that she was a boy before she could even speak.

The videos also feature former Major League Baseball player Billy Beane, who blamed prejudice against gays like him for his failure to live up to expectations during his professional baseball career.

In the past months, since agreeing to a $768 million legal settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, the news outlet has undergone a major rebranding that included canceling its most popular show ever, Tucker Carlson Tonight, and firing the show’s host, Tucker Carlson.

It also has parted ways with other truth-telling conservatives, such as weekend hosts Dan Bongino and Steve Hilton, in favor of decidedly milquetoast alternatives like Trey Gowdy and Brian Kilmeade.

Since Carlson’s shocking dismissal in April, the flailing media company has been forced to slash numerous staffers while experiencing rapidly declining viewership.

Soon thereafter, Fox announced that it would commit itself to DEI programs.

According to Fox’s stated DEI commitments, the company celebrates “the exchange of different ideas and viewpoints drives innovation and inspires powerful storytelling that resonates with audiences everywhere.”

They also emphasized the diversity of Fox viewers, each of whom needs to be “celebrated” on the basis of race, sexual orientation and gender.

“Through targeted initiatives on screen and off, we ensure that our broad base of viewers, communities and employees feel heard, represented and celebrated.”

The move echoes that of formerly conservative, Christian-rooted fast-food restaurant Chick-fil-A, which likewise caved to the pressure recently by releasing a statement affirming its commitment to DEI principles.

That drew considerable backlash and rampant speculation among loyal conservatives, already embattled by a barrage of corporate “Pride” month assaults.

Fox News host Harris Faulkner made explicit the connection between Chick-fil-A and her network, hinting that both companies may be facing intense pressure either from the federal government, the financial sector or both.

Like many of the woke corporations that have capitulated to the leftist agenda, Fox News was subject in January to a massive stock buyup from the multi-trillion-dollar asset-management firm BlackRock.

Its CEO, Larry Fink, has openly boasted about using financial pressure to coerce companies—and indivuduals—into modifying their behavior.

“Well, behaviors are going to have to change, and this is one thing we’re asking companies,” Fink said during the 2017 New York Times DealBook conference.

“You have to force behaviors,” he continued. “And at BlackRock, we are forcing behaviors.”