Florida Realtor Accused of Targeting Homeless Men in ‘Ruthless’ Killings

(New York Daily News) A “ruthless” Florida real estate agent has been accused of killing a homeless man and trying to kill another, according to police.

Willy Suarez Maceo, 25, was charged Friday with attempted murder of a homeless man who was shot in the head in downtown Miami Tuesday night, according to the Miami Herald.

About two hours later, another homeless man, 56-year-old Jerome Antonio Price, was fatally shot while he was asleep on the sidewalk. Maceo has not been charged for that murder, but has been linked as a suspect.

A 9 mm Glock found in Maceo’s car Friday was linked to both shootings in a ballistics report. The gun had been purchased in 2018.

Maceo’s license plate was also caught on camera in at least one of the shootings, according to the Herald.

“Homeless individuals for no reason have been brutally targeted,” Miami Interim Police Chief Manuel Morales said during a press conference. “They felt the pain and injustice suffered at the hands of a brutal individual.”

Maceo may also be linked to an October murder of a third homeless man, 59-year-old Manuel Perez, but has not been charged with that crime.

Morales labeled Maceo a “suspected serial killer” and warned that there may be other victims “who suffered at the hands of this ruthless criminal.”

Maceo appeared in court Friday and was denied bond.

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