‘Escape from Portland’ – Texas Company Announces Fall Gun Competition

(Law Enforcement Today) Portland, Oregon has become the poster child for the wacky, hard-left Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting across the country, which is now well into its third month.

In some ways, the antics in Portland closely resembles the 1980’s movie starring Kurt Russell, “Escape From New York.”

In the movie, New York City has been taken over by criminals and gangs (not unlike what is going on in Portland or in much of the country for that matter) with walls being erected around the city to keep the bad guys in and the good guys out.

Reality Defense, or RDI saw this as an opportunity to have a Portland-based event to add to their fall training lineup.

RDI is a training and consulting company which focuses on the preparation and response to an attack on either an individual or organization. The training component gives “attendees the building blocks necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

They describe that for consulting, their:

“team will develop an action plan for your organization that centers around the development of…Emergency Action Plan (EAP).”

RDI describes its mission as:

“…to prepare individuals and organizations to not only survive, but to win a violent encounter should it occur.”

Located in Pleasanton, Texas, RDI offers a wide variety of training for both law enforcement officers and the public at their facility, which includes four tactical live fire ranges, a 500-yard rifle range, a classroom, and a bunkhouse.

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