Elon Musk: “What I Find Most Surprising Is that CNN Still Exists”

Tesla CEO Calls Out Fake News that He Didn’t Send Ventilators to Hospitals

(Summit News) Elon Musk called out CNN for erroneously reporting that more than 1,000 ventilators sent by Tesla to California hospitals hadn’t been received while expressing his surprise that the news network “still exists.”

Last month, Musk said in a tweet that he had obtained the ventilators due to China having an oversupply and would be shipping them free to hospitals that required them.

CNN published a story claiming that “none of the promised ventilators have been received by hospitals,” citing Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office.

Musk responded by tweeting, “What I find most surprising is that CNN still exists.”

He then posted an email exchange which shows a Los Angeles County Department of Health Services official thanking Tesla for receiving the ventilators…

Musk also tagged Gov. Gavin Newsom in one of the tweets, asking him to “please fix this misunderstanding.”

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