Elon Musk Calls CNN ‘Perverted’, Wokeness a ‘Mind Virus’

(OpIndia) Billionaire entrepreneur and Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently appeared in a freewheeling interview on the satire website Babylon Bee where he spoke on a range of issues, including being on CNN, Elizabeth Warren, Tesla, taxing the rich, and many others.

At one instance during his interview, Musk took a dig at CNN amid news that one of the network’s producers, John Griffin, was accused of committing a host of shocking underage sex crimes this month.

When one of the hosts suggested that Musk “could have been on CNN right now,” which he said was a “real news organization” unlike the Babylon Bee, Musk sharply responded, “I’m not perverted enough, I guess.”

Musk’s snarky remarks came after Griffin was arrested just days after the American channel sacked Chris Cuomo over his involvement in his brother Andrew Cuomo’s defence in the sexual harassment scandal. Besides, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was put on leave last year after he was found masturbating during an online New Yorker company meeting.

Besides mocking CNN, Musk came down hard against wokeness, saying it is a virus that is divisive, exclusionary and destructive. The Space X CEO commented that a tendency to become politically correct may be counterproductive, as represented by the emerging “woke culture”.

Musk said “wokeness” is a “mind virus” and is “arguably one of the biggest threats to modern civilization.”

“Wokeness wants to make comedy illegal. Do we want a humourless society that is simply rife with condemnation, and hate? At its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful. It basically gives mean people a shield to be cruel, armoured in false virtue,” Musk said. 

Elon Musk, who moved Tesla’s headquarters from Palo Alto to Texas this month, excoriated California for overtaxing the rich.

“California used to be the land of opportunity and now it is… becoming more so the land of sort of overregulation, overlitigation, over-taxation…it is increasingly difficult to get things done in California,” Musk lamented.

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