Documents Tie Nancy Pelosi’s Son to Fraud and Bribery Scheme

(Tony SifertHeadline USA) Another son of a high-ranking Democrat is in the news for alleged corruption.

“Smoking gun” documents have been discovered that link Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., 53, to a “high-profile public corruption criminal case,” according to the Daily Mail.

The Mail discovered a Department of Building Inspection (DBI) form that indicates that Pelosi Jr. was partial owner of a building at the center of a fraud and bribery scheme investigated by the FBI that has led to two indictments.

Former San Francisco building inspector, Bernie Curran, and permits expediter, Rodrigo Santos, were indicted in federal court on Nov. 16, according to a report in The Real Deal.

Santos is accused of using client donations to the “San Francisco Golden Gate Rugby Association” in order to get “favorable official treatment” from Curran, the San Francisco Chronicle reported in August.

The Mail alleged that Pelosi was one of Santos’ clients — “Client 9” — and that in his capacity as partial owner, he “wrote a $1,500 check to the club to help remove violations from [a] squalid ‘residential hotel’ on Utah Street” in San Francisco.

Pelosi did not respond to the Mail’s request for comment.

According to his former girlfriend, Paul Pelosi was interviewed at least three times by the FBI in connection to the probe.

FBI investigations are nothing new to Pelosi, who “has been linked to five previous federal probes,” the Mail reported.

Pelosi’s father, Paul Pelosi, has also faced scrutiny for trading the stocks of companies regulated by his wife.

Markets Insider recently reported that Pelosi “purchased up to $3.5 million worth of call options in mega-cap stocks late last year.”

Speaker Pelosi’s office has told Fox News that “the speaker does not own any stock” and has “no involvement or prior knowledge” of her husband’s transactions.