Designer Of AOC’s ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress Isn’t Paying Her Fair Share

(ZeroHedge) The designer of AOC’s “Tax the Rich” dress that the Congresswoman sported to the Met Gala is, in fact, herself, a tax “deadbeat”.

That was the term the NY Post used when describing the 37 year old designer who “made waves” at the Gala with the dress. The designer reportedly has “unpaid debts” in “multiple states”, the report says. 

Her tax liabilities stem from an LLC she formed in 2011 to serve as parent company of her fashion brand, the report says. 

That parent company has racked up three open tax warrants in New York state for failure to withhold income taxes from employees paychecks in the amount of $14,798. The debts were from 2018 and 2019, the report says, and the company has been slapped with 15 total tax warrants since 2015.

The IRS put six federal liens on the company between April 2018 and April 2019 totaling $103,220 as a result of the company’s “failure to remit employee payroll taxes”.

Her parent company has also faced “multiple legal challenges” for “habitual nonpayment of worker benefits”.

It was fined $17,000 in October 2019 for not carrying workers’ comp insurance and the company currently owes $62,722 to the Workers Compensation Board.

Additionally, James’ company took $41,666 in pandemic aid. 

She also bought a $1.6 million home in Los Angeles in September 2020. That property is already listed as “delinquent” by the LA County Assessor’s Office, which says $2,504 in taxes are owned on it. 

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