Deep Pockets Love Lockdowns

(Unz Review) Some people enjoy isolation and self-seclusion. The Jewish billionaire David Geffen is one of them.

He posted the above picture of his yacht onto Social Media saying: “Isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus, I’m hoping everybody is staying safe.”

It is probably very different from your self-seclusion, and surely different from the seclusion imposed on a slum-dwelling family of five in their two-room tenement.

But very rich guys are used to it. They never go to Walmart. Anything they purchase is delivered. They fly in private jets. They have never shaken hands with a stranger. They live in gated compounds. They are naturally self-isolated.

For them the lockdown brings new prosperity. If you are down to your last dollar, probably you will be cheered to learn that American billionaires added $280 billion to their accounts thanks to the lockdown, and now they are worth $3.3 trillion.

They like the lockdown so much that they consider objectors to be white supremacists and ‘Nazis’, and that is the worst label they can imagine.

The emergency situation is mighty good for people in charge. They rush through regulations; grab lands; form governments; create the “new normal”, eliminate our rights, all using the virus as justification…

In the US, the Deep Pockets and the Deep State are united in their dream to unseat President Trump. They failed with their RussiaGate, they failed with their impeachment, and COVID is their last hope…

The battle for lifting lockdowns or keeping them is basically the battle for or against Trump [read more…]