Criminology Student Who Railed Against Racial Injustice Stabbed to Death by Homeless Black Man

(Paul Joseph Watson) A 31-year-old female scholar who wrote a paper attempting to prove America’s criminal justice system was racist was viciously stabbed to death by a black homeless male in Chicago.

UMD Doctoral Candidate Anat Kimchi Stabbed to Death in Downtown Chicago

(WJZ Baltimore) A Maryland doctoral student is dead after a visit to Chicago. Police said 31-year-old Anat Kimchi was stabbed and killed Saturday afternoon.

University of Maryland identified Kimchi as a doctoral candidate in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

“The University of Maryland grieves the loss of Anat Kimchi, a brilliant young scholar. We offer our condolences to her friends and family during this difficult time,” the university said in a statement.

They believe the suspect is a homeless man.

“We suspect this likely is a homeless person that secreted himself in the bushes and came out and committed this heinous crime,” Brown told CBS Chicago.

Kimchi was visiting Chicago over the weekend when she was attacked on Saturday afternoon. Police said she was stabbed in the back and radio transmissions among first responders reveal she may have also suffered neck injuries.

Police said Kimchi was walking along an area known as “The Loop” when someone came up from behind with a knife. She was pronounced dead at a hospital.

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