Criminals Using U-Haul Trucks to Smash, Burglarize Gun Stores

(Law Enforcement Today) ‘Tis the season for shopping for those hard-to-find gifts, even if those ‘gifts’ are stolen guns, apparently.

In Atlanta, they are seeing a spike in gun thefts by an organized group of people utilizing U-Haul trucks to take off with the stolen guns.

One of the latest reported incidents occurred at the Range, Guns, and Sales located in Embry Hills.

With this reported burglary, the criminals utilized a U-Haul truck to drive through the brick wall so that they could gain access to the interior of the store and the guns inside on Halloween. The manager of the store, identified only as D-J, told CBS 4:

“One hit, one hit, got through the front wall. They really were dedicated to get inside the store at all costs, even though they know we have a big police presence at nighttime…

“The way they set it up to smash inside of a brick wall with a U-Haul truck, is kinda scary. So that puts it into perspective on how dangerous these people are.”

According to Atlanta Police, this store was not the only one hit on Halloween – there were three in total.

And the criminals did not stop there… they continued their spree and struck two more gun stores on November 3rd.

D-J said: “We feel like we need gun stores across America, even just across the metro Atlanta area, to start tightening up their security measures on how they lock up their guns, how they secure their guns. Because a lot of firearms could be stolen and you don’t want them getting into the wrong hands.”

Violent crime in large metropolitan areas has increased significantly throughout the last year. Most of the guns that these criminals possess, they have illegally as they are convicted felons.    

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