Conservative Group Rates Chick-fil-A “Liberal”

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) David L. Black, the founder and CEO of 2nd Vote—an organization that scores businesses on a scale from 1 (very liberal) to 5 (very conservative)—wrote a letter about the decision to reduce Chick-fil-A nearly two points for discontinuing charitable contributions to Christian organizations.

The religious watchdog group knocked Chick-fil-A for its increasingly liberal positions regarding the sanctity of marriage, infant life, religious liberty and immigration.

Chick-fil-A stopped giving money to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Salvation Army, despite its continued contributions to various pro-LGBT, pro-abortion, pro-open borders and anti-Christian organizations.

Among the leftist virtue-signaling or openly activist entities it continues to support are the Boy Scouts of America, Covenant House, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Latin American Association of Atlanta, the American Red Cross, the SCLC Women’s Organizational Movement for Equality Now Inc., and the YWCA..

Black wrote about President Abraham Lincoln’s prediction for the United States—that it would not fall to external enemies but to its own “suicide,” 2nd Vote reported.

“The threat to our nation is one driven by new ‘truths’ that are as false and imaginary as any found in history,” Black wrote, comparing the South’s defense of slavery to the contemporary Left’s defense of abortion, diversity and inclusivity, environmental radicalism, and homosexuality.

He also compared the Left’s embrace of these principles to a 13-year-old girl that he met at a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital.

She told him, “I am a Unicorn,” and she really believed it, but she was distraught that no one else around her participated in her version of reality.

“To enjoy a healthy life requires understanding and seeing the world as created and not as imagined,” Black wrote.

“Unlike the young girl I met years ago who was struggling with the imaginary world of a child, these are people and organizations that have intentionally created false ‘truths,’” he continued. “And the great danger is these lies, which can be compared to fictional Unicorns, are destroying our American Judeo–Christian culture which created the greatest nation ever known to mankind.’

Black wrote that about the danger of Chick-fil-A caving to the LGBT activist lobby.

“Perhaps the greatest of these dangers is the homosexual community and the LGBTQ–Unicorn. Theology, biology, history and scientific fact testify that there are males and females and NOT 56 (or more?) genders,” Black wrote. “To believe that gender is a choice is an expression of unreality.”