Chinese Communists Spending Millions on Ads in U.S. Newspapers

(OAN Newsroom) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is spending millions on ad space to spread pro-China messages across the United States. The U.S. Department of Justice reported that in just the last four years, Beijing has spent nearly $19 million in an attempt to push pro-China narratives within the country.

The payments have been on behalf of Beijing-controlled China Daily newspaper, which is an English language publication produced by the CCP that has paid millions of dollars just this year.

Publications like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Los Angeles Times have received these payments for running pro-China ads on their websites and printed publication.

The paid advertisements are designed to look like real news articles, while often containing a pro-Beijing twist on contemporary news events.

China Daily is controlled by the Communist Party’s state propaganda agency. For years it has paid newspapers and magazines in the U.S. to publish communist-curated information.

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