Chicago Teacher Sues After Being Fired for Criticizing City’s Racial Violence

(The College Fix) A Chicago-area teacher who was fired last year for criticizing Black Lives Matter-related riots and violence has filed a civil rights lawsuit against her district.

According to the Daily Heraldfollowing the death of George Floyd and the subsequent (violent) protests, Palatine High School’s Jeanne Hedgepeth posted on Facebook “I don’t want to go home tomorrow. Now that the civil war has begun I want to move.”

The Washington Times notes during the weekend of Floyd’s murder, 82 people were shot in the Windy City with 19 succumbing to their injuries.

Hedgepeth also had written that the term “white privilege” was akin to saying the N-word, referred to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as “race baiters” and asked “You think this would work?” when someone suggested turning water cannons on the  rioters.

Hedgepeth lawyer Christine Svenson said that last remark was made in jest, and pointed out her client was on summer break at the time of her comments. The “conservative group” Judicial Watch also is representing Hedgepeth.

“What people really need to understand is that the school break had started and she was completely away from her job duties. I think that’s really the outrageous part,” Svenson said.

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton said the district “took what could have been a teachable moment about respecting diversity of viewpoints and turned it into a clear civil rights violation.”

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