Chicago PD Braces for Record Retirements; Gang Members Outnumber Police 10:1

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Police in Chicago are retiring at a record rate as violent crime spikes throughout the city, Fox News reported.

The number of retirements this year already has surpassed total retirements in 2018, and it will likely continue to rise.

According to the Chicago Sun–Times, 363 Police officers have retired from the force this year alone, with another 56 expected in July.

In fact, the far-left city, currently led by divisive Mayor Lori Lightfoot, is on pace for record retirement numbers.

“We are on track, I believe, to have one of the highest retirement numbers in the city’s history,” said Alderman Ray Lopez.

Yet the mass exodus does not mean Chicago police officers are leaving the profession altogether. Rather, most “retirees” are seeking more hospitable departments outside the city.

“Many of our officers are not choosing to leave law enforcement as a profession but are retiring early to go to other departments because they don’t feel appreciated and respected in their home city of Chicago,” Lopez said.

John Catanzara, president of the Chicago police union, said that young cops were retiring at a shocking rate because they’re “absolutely miserable.”

According to Catanzara, officers have to work constant 12-hour shifts and often have days off canceled.

Further, they operate under the constant threat of punishment from the state and from radical leftist groups.

“You are literally treated like a rented mule and ridden until you can’t go any more,” he said. “Today’s hero, tomorrow’s zero.”

Making matters worse, gangs in the city outnumber the Chicago Police Department by approximately 117,000 to 13,000—nearly a 10 to 1 ratio.

In this trend, Chicago is not alone. Other major cities have seen record rates of police retirements as law-enforcement comes under increasing scrutiny from leftist groups.

New York City, for example, lost 2,500 officers in 2020 alone.

Among the many scapegoats for their own policy failures, President Joe Biden and other Democrats have deflected on the issue of rising crime by attempting to blame gun ownership.

Biden met with local leaders on Monday to consider ways to restrict the sale of firearms.

“We know when we utilize trusted community members and encourage more community policing, we can intervene before the violence erupts,” the president said.